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What we gained from SLUSH event as a startup

Any tech startup probably knows about Slush event. And there’s a reason why, of course! On of the biggest tech events out there. This November we were very excited to take part in it ourselves in beautiful city Helsinki. Two days most certainly over exceeded our expectations. It was definitely more that we bargained for […]

IPOhub opens up European Growth Markets for all investors

Here is another example of a like-minded Estonian company looking to change the norm and practices. IPOhub is an Estonian start-up based in Tallinn. It was founded in 2017 by Founders Aleksander and Volli Kalju and provides an investment platform for individuals, agents and companies. With it’s innovative and out-of-the-box approach IPOhub has created something […]

Creating Contracts Is Not A Headache Anymore

Are you struggling with creating a contract? Or are you wondering if you have all the important aspects covered in your contract, whether you are renting out your real estate or offering your services to customers? Agrello can now help you out with this! Agrello can offer you flexible contract templates you can use when […]

What’s The Future Of Blockchain In The Legal Industry

There’s no time frame on innovation. Some believe that blockchain technology will be everywhere in the legal industry within five years. Some think we’ll wait a decade or more to see its impact. Timeline aside, industry experts agree that smart contracts have the best chance for mainstream adoption in the legal industry. They’re useful in […]

Agrello Is Partnering In Europe’s First Real Estate Fundraiser Secured by Digital ID and Powered by Blockchain

A company named New Page OÜ, which uses blockchain technology to crowdfund real estate, has launched a project called “Project B11G”. It is the first of its kind real estate crowdfunding project in Europe. Agrello is one of the partners in Project B11G. Together with New Page, Blockhive, Oblicity and CoinMetro on April 2nd, 2019 a pilot real […]

What have we been up to…

We are excited to let You know that we have overhauled our website agrello.io. It has a fresh new look. There are even more good news! Our beta version of the Agrello platform is ready! Yay!!! Our solution, consisting of Agrello ID and Agrello Contracts Platform, lets You create and sign documents with our advanced electronic signature (AdES). Our goal […]