An Estonian Startup is Taking the IoT Based Food Safety Solution to the US Market

Born in Estonia and tested in Tallinn, the food safety system ThinMoni is being presented to partners in the US this week. The ThinMoni system helps restaurants, supermarkets and commercial kitchens to ensure food safety and quality. The solution provides real benefits to all food handlers, from producers to retailers. The consumers also benefit from the solution as they can be sure that the food they buy is of high quality and ultimately safe.

The ThinMoni system is already taken into use by Estonian restaurants and stores. This week Jürgo Preden, the creator of the system and manager of Thinnect, is introducing ThinMoni to partners in the US who service more than a million restaurants and hotels. “The ThinMoni system will provide peace of mind to the chef, the client and the manager of a store or a restaurant because nobody is happy if the meals served in a restaurant cause food poisoning or when the meat purchased from a food store is tainted,” said Preden, explaining the value of the ThinMoni solution. Üllar Kuhi, Chef de Cuisine of Restaurant Rucola, confirms the positive experience with the ThinMoni solution: “We service hundreds of clients per day in our restaurant and our goal is to provide good food and excellent service to our clients. The ThinMoni system assists us in doing so because we can concentrate on our core business and save time on supporting activities”.

The online temperature monitoring system ThinMoni includes wireless detectors installed in refrigerators and hot food counters, and the system also provides a thermometer suitable for measuring foods’ internal temperature. All data that is measured is available “in the cloud” in real time and is displayed on a dashboard where the quality manager (or an internal auditor) can easily keep an eye on the processes within the entire supermarket or restaurant chain. If a sensor registers a temperature outside of the desired range, the person in charge will be immediately notified. ThinMoni helps to save energy and identify any issues with refrigeration or hot display case equipment as the system also records all data for analysis.

In cooperation with the Estonian company FoodDocs, Thinnect offers an integrated solution simplifying the creation of documents required for food safety compliance. Thinnect complements FoodDocs’ digital food safety solution with automatic sensors reducing the amount of manual work. Together with FoodDocs, Thinnect services the leading retail chains of Estonia. The next step is to offer the same solution to customers on other markets. Karin Repp, one of the founders of FoodDocs, says: “Thinnect’s ThinMoni solution automates the activities needed for ensuring food safety that are currently done manually with pen and paper. In association with Thinnect we can offer an integral solution to our clients providing distinct advantages compared to our competitors.”

IoT solutions provide many challenges, one of them being the high number of devices that must be tracked to ensure correct billing between various parties. In case of ThinMoni, Thinnect and FoodDocs are cooperating with the Estonian company Agrello who offers a technology for creating and managing digital agreements. Hando Rand, manager of Agrello Ltd, says: “The digital agreements offered by Agrello are secured by blockchain technology which ensures that the client will only be billed for the goods and services they have actually bought. This is particularily important in the field of Internet of Things where the number of devices is enormous and different parties may be involved in offering a service.”

Temperature monitoring system is based on Thinnect’s well-proven technology which is being used in border patrol and smart lighting solutions in over 30 countries. Thinnect’s self-configuring technology and automated system management ensures that all temperature sensors start operation as soon as they are switched on and will work faultlessly for long years.

For additional information, please contact:

Jürgo Preden
Manager of Thinnect Ltd, one of the creators of the base technology
+372 551 5283

The Agrello Team